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UX/UI App Design

One of my recent evenings saw me scribbling on a sketch pad, thinking up ideas that could potentially translate into projects. A couple of words came to mind and I wrote them down: connection, relationship, social apps.

I have had my share of communicating with people via social apps, they help me stay connected with my date, friends and co-workers. Social apps are fun, and convenient, but they are not entirely exclusive. And that got me thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if couples can connect exclusively and share moments just between the two of them?

I gave this relationship app

UX Research Case Study


Let’s describe a regular day of shopping in present time: You launch your preferred shopping app on a device, type in a keyword search or snap a picture and in return you get tons of offers, hundreds of sellers and stores you used to frequent in real life are now ready to ship at your fingertips. Online shopping is all about convenience, but how fast do you cart items out?

After making a few purchases and looking through the Lazada app, I thought — how can I make it easier for users to shop on the…

Li Wei Loh

Singapore-based designer. Here for conversations that matter.

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